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New Products

March 1, 2011
Ivoclar Vivadent is pleased to introduce a new and improved version of the clinically proven Tetric EvoCeram nano-optimized composite. Improvements to this already popular composite filling material offer dentists such benefits as extended working time under ambient light combined with faster curing times, new shades with enhanced shade matching qualities, and improved handling properties. As a result, Tetric EvoCeram reduces the application time necessary for completing direct composite restorations. A special additive incorporated into the photo-initiator system allows Tetric EvoCeram to be less reactive to ambient light while remaining highly reactive to curing lights, so the material won't cure until after placement, and will polymerize quickly once exposed to a curing light. For more information, call (800) 533-6825 or visit
GC America introduces GC Fuji TEMP LT, a conventional glass ionomer temporary that is the first of its kind. GC Fuji TEMP LT is indicated for temporary (provisional) cementation of all types of all-ceramic, resin, and metal-based crowns and bridges, as well as implant abutments. GC Fuji TEMP LT provides excellent handling without runny consistency, easy to remove excess cement, low film thickness for an accurate fit, excellent thermal insulation (helps prevent sensitivity), and excellent biocompatibility. For more information, please call customer service at (800) 323-7063 or visit
The ELITE all-in-one motor system from Aseptico (model AEU-7000L-70V) is said to be ideal for a number of dental specialties, including implant, endo, restoration, and oral surgery, resulting in a superior return on investment. A major feature includes a powerful, 40K rpm, autoclavable micromotor with LED illumination at any speed. Unlike conventional fiber optic bulbs, the integrated LED provides tens of thousands of operating hours. Also, torque control is adjustable up to 60 Ncm, ensuring compatibility with every implant system in the market. Twelve programmable preset buttons (six implant /six endo) are available for saving preferred ratio, speed, torque, irrigation, motor direction settings, and even display names. Upgradable software ensures longevity of the device. For more information, call (866) 244-2954 or visit
Hu-Friedy has introduced the Swivel XT™ Ultrasonic Insert, a thinner, stronger insert that can reach and remove heavy debris from interproximal and subgingival areas. Traditionally, thin inserts are recommended for light deposit removal. However, subgingival deposits are often times tenacious and very difficult to remove. Hu-Friedy's Swivel XT™ is thin enough to clean subgingivally and interproximally, but also robust enough to efficiently and effectively remove moderate to heavy calculus at lower power settings. The Swivel XT™ features a large-diameter grip that maximizes clinician comfort and enhances tactile sensitivity, plus the instrument's durability is enhanced through a proprietary blend of stainless steel. For more information about the Swivel XT™, call (800) HU-FRIEDY or visit
ImageWorks has announced that the NewTom VGi, the professional's choice of cone beam 3-D scanners, has added a new feature, making it the first 3-D scanner unit to capture both high-resolution images and large volume functionality in a single machine. The new collimation will allow the NewTom VGi to obtain resolutions down to a .075mm voxel, or give the operator the ability to acquire a large 15cm x 15cm field of view (FOV) scan when needed. Additionally, it adds four new FOV options, with each of the now seven FOVs having four separate possible voxel sizes. Already known for its superb image quality among oral and maxillofacial radiologists, imaging centers, and the new entrepreneurial mobile imaging center businesses, the new variable FOV feature further justifies the commonly heard "professional-grade" label these experts place on the NewTom VGi. For additional corporate information, please visit
The new QuickCamUSB is a high-end intraoral video camera that takes up where the top rated QuickCam analog left off. It offers easy intraoral access, excellent image quality, and a four-step focusing ring giving your choice of face, smile, multiple teeth, and single tooth close-ups in great detail. The handpiece disconnects from its USB2.0 cable — no need for docking stations. Finally, the programmable capture button allows for seamless integration in most imaging software. For information, call (800) 323-2690.
Whether you want to upgrade your existing lab space or are renovating or expanding into new lab space, Handler has created the Pro Tech Lite Bench Series to accommodate your design and work flow. Handler blends European styling with American ingenuity to meet today's lab needs. Handler's two new lab benches — PTL-211 and PTL-231 — are the first in a series of modern and affordable lab benches that provide the dentist and lab owner with compact stylish design at an affordable price. When you combine the new Pro Tech Lite platform with Handler custom lab design and manufacturing ability, you create a functional solution unique to fit your requirements without breaking the bank. Pro Tech Lite benches are constructed of 18 gauge steel with an oven cured powder coated finish in a variety of appealing colors. For more information, call (800) 274-2635 or visit
GC America Inc. has launched a three-product family of G-ænial products for restorative dentistry. G-ænial Universal Flo is a nano-hybrid light-cured composite that has the easy handling of a low-flow (high viscosity) flowable. Tests have shown G-ænial Universal Flo is stronger and has better wear resistance than leading flowable and conventional composites. G-ænial Flo is a low-viscosity version of G-ænial Universal Flo. It has many of the same great characteristics (high flexural strength, high gloss), in a more highly flowable version. G-ænial Bond is a 7th Generation, one-step self-etching bonding agent designed specifically for the "selective etching" technique, meaning that bond strengths will be enhanced no matter what technique (self-etch on dentin or etch-and-rinse on enamel) the professional uses. For more information, visit