New Compact Water Jet Brings Convenience To Interplak Product Line

Dec. 1, 2003
The new WJ3CS Dental Water Jet 's sleek, compact design is perfect for on-the-go patients.

To complement Interplak's highly regarded and clinically proven dental water jet product line, Interplak by Conair Corporation has introduced a new water jet to meet the oral health needs of the "on-the-go" patient. The new WJ3CS Dental Water Jet flushes out plaque and food debris while reversing gingivitis and preventing gum disease. Additionally, its sleek, compact design is perfect for travel.

The complete water jet product line, now available at Rite Aid, is also distributed directly through the dental professional. All water jets are proven safe and effective for all dental work. The new WJ3CS features a cordless and battery operated design, while the WJ7B and the WJ8 feature multiple attachments designed for specific oral health care applications. The subgingival tip cleans and massages the gumline. The tongue cleaner tip eliminates bad breath and the water jet tip (available on all models) provides powerful pinpoint cleaning action.

Oral irrigators offer an easy and effective adjunct to brushing and flossing, and are exceptionally good at reducing plaque build-up in areas unreachable by any other means. The Interplak water jet product line helps to wash away toxins caused by plaque; cleans around braces, implants, crowns and bridgework and helps to prevent bleeding and inflammation.

Interplak's full line of oral irrigators now includes a water jet to fulfill each individual preference. Interplak brings over 15 years of technological innovation to the professional market with diverse product lines that have been proven safe and effective for every patient: orthodontic, periodontal, geriatric and implant.

An impressive record of safety and efficacy, deeply rooted in unsurpassed clinical performance, has helped Interplak maintain worldwide recognition. For more information or to order any of the products in the water jet line please call 1-800-633-6363.