SIMPL protocol reduces implant charges by 38%, according to dental studio

April 29, 2009
SIMPL's CAD/CAM abutments are designed by technician, on-screen, using a design knowledgebase built during the last 30 years.

LONG ISLAND, New York--Town & Country Dental Studios, an implant laboratory on Long Island, has reported that its simplified implant restoration protocol reduces laboratory implant charges by 38% as compared to custom-cast abutments.

The SIMPL protocol provides a patient-specific CAD/CAM abutment from Atlantis components. These help reduce overall implant case costs.

SIMPL's CAD/CAM abutments are designed by technician, on-screen, using a design knowledge base built during the last 30 years. The software allows manipulation of any aspect of the abutment, prior to fabrication.

Abutments for multi-unit cases can be designed with a single path of insertion for frameworks that drop into place, accounting for irregularities in position and angulation. After approval by Town & Country, the abutment is milled from medical-grade titanium. Computer-aided milling is accurate to within a fraction of a millimeter.

SIMPL includes components and parts necessary to restore the implant: abutment, abutment screw, SIMPL Abutment Placement Jig, laboratory analog, soft tissue models, and shipping.

The only part to be supplied by the clinician is an impression transfer coping. Compared to the cost of an implant case with a custom-cast gold abutment and laboratory supplied parts, SIMPL will save restoring doctors 38%, or $252 per unit. With more than 13,000 units restored, SIMPL implant restorations have a remake factor of less than 1%.

SIMPL is available with an abutment in medical-grade titanium for $379 or zirconium for $479. Coping or restoration is additional. This protocol is compatible with most implant fixtures, is fully warranted, and is indicated for single unit, multi-unit, full-arch, and full-mouth rehabilitation cases.

For more information on the SIMPL Simplified Implant Restoration Protocol or to become a Town & Country client, call (800) 925-8696, visit the studio Web site at Town , or send an e-mail to Town & Country Dental Studios.

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