World conference features several product premiers

May 23, 2007
Nobel Biocare event a unique opportunity for dental professionals to receive state of the art education on innovative, scientifically based solutions for their patients.

On May 21, Nobel Biocare opened the doors to its Third World Conference in Las Vegas. The five-day conference had 10,000 participants in attendance and featured world premier solutions including: Maxillofacial Concept, NobelActive and Curvy Abutment.

The world conference is a unique opportunity for dental professionals to receive state of the art education on innovative, scientifically based solutions for their patients.

The Nobel Biocare World Conference 2007, the world's largest dental educational and personalized forum, featured a program with 35 live treatments televised via satellite from around the world, many of which are being shown live for the first time, including the first live real-time broadcast from the University of Peking in China.

Close to 340 internationally recognized dental experts will be giving lectures and conducting hundreds of hands-on sessions, workshops and seminars. Female speakers will have over 215 appearances.

Another first at the conference is "Bring Your Own Case" discussions that provide participants an opportunity to bring in a patient case and discuss treatment solutions "one-on-one" with dental experts. Participants have booked more than 15,000 sessions.

New Nobel Biocare solutions for maxillofacial rehabilitation
The Nobel Biocare Maxillofacial Concept, premiered at the world conference and supports the research and work of Professor P-I Brånemark. This concept will assist specialized surgeons in providing smiles to those who need them most. Maxillofacial surgeries can correct a number of deformities in the hard and soft tissues of the oral and maxillofacial regions, caused by disease, trauma and genetic defects.

The concept will use the complete Brånemark System® of dental implants (in lengths from 7mm to 52mm) and the broad line of prosthetic components for anchoring final prostheses.

When necessary, treating physicians can submit specifications for the production of customized products from the Nobel Biocare Karlskoga precision production facility.

The new concept will also employ a state-of-the-art 3D computer software package for diagnosing and planning maxillofacial surgeries. Nobel Biocare plans to offer future training courses on the software.

With the Maxillofacial Concept, Nobel Biocare will offer the market's most complete selection of fixed solutions for reconstructing a person's face, both inside and outside the mouth.

This world premier featured a new implant design with an innovative thread pattern. The one-stage implant features a unique shape and a new thread design with a "self-drilling" capability to facilitate drilling protocols in areas of narrower osteotomy.

The product is easy to use and provides high initial stability and good outcomes. NobelActive has been designed for increased soft tissue volume at the head of the implant, resulting in improved esthetics.

Curvy abutment
Supporting its core concepts of Soft Tissue Integration and Easy Esthetics for Beautiful Teeth Now, Nobel Biocare introduced the Curvy Abutment. This implant abutment features an hourglass shape at its base and a curved margin, which have been designed to stabilize and promote an excellent soft tissue seal. This product will work with all two- stage Nobel Biocare implants.

Sustained effort in enhancing the product line
Nobel Biocare continues the industry trend of promoting beautiful esthetics in soft tissue integration, with the release of two products: Platform Shifting designed to increase soft tissue volume, and QuickTemp Abutment for easy and quick chair-side temporization of multi-unit implant restorations.

The successful Nobel Biocare Procera product lineup also expands to include full-arch bridges in zirconia both for teeth and implants--now up to 14 units. Bridges are available for both screw-retained and conventional cementation applications and feature: a solid piece of zirconia; documented precise fit; use in partial- and fully edentulous indications; 1200MPa flexural strength; and all-ceramic biocompatibility.

Nobel Biocare completes its assortment of superior-quality porcelain esthetics, NobelRondo, with NobelRondo Press. NobelRondo Press is an incredibly versatile porcelain solution that can be pressed onto both Procera Crowns and Bridges (in alumina and zirconia), as well as Procera Laminates in alumina.

NobelRondo Press can also be used in Nobel Biocare Solo technique for individual inlay, onlay, overlay, and laminate bonded applications. All NobelRondo products feature an outstanding 120Mpa flexural strength.

Committed to advancing research: Next generation implants
In an exclusive agreement with Wyeth Pharmaceutical, TiUnite will serve as the foundation for the next generation of dental implants with the potential of eliminating the need to graft and use of membranes. Nobel Biocare is currently in clinical testing of an implant designed to create its own bone. This implant will be treated with a bone morphogenetic protein rhBMP-2 (a recombinant version of a naturally occurring human protein).

Nobel Biocare is the first company in the world to seek a PMA (Pre-Market Approval) in implant dentistry from the FDA. This pre-market approval process requires an extensive testing phase and documentation. Nobel Biocare will set the benchmark for this field within the industry.

In this PMA process, Nobel Biocare is currently undertaking a pilot study. This new application will change the way implants will be used. Specifically, it will drastically change the indications for dental implants. Patients that currently do not qualify for implants will now be able to be treated.

Nobel Biocare--making you smile
The Nobel Biocare goal of giving the world beautiful smiles reaches its zenith at the conference as Nobel Biocare introduces its theme--Making you smile.

"There is an important message that I feel cannot be expressed enough: patients want beautiful teeth, not implants! 'Making you smile' is our response to this. With these three words, we focus our attention on everyone--general dentists, specialists and labs, and especially patients," said Heliane Canepa, President and CEO. "We have the solutions for making everyone smile."

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