Polyether impression materials perform well

May 9, 2007
Detailed impressions make for more problem-free cases.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota--Recent studies evaluating detail reproduction demonstrate that 3M ESPE Impregum Polyether Impression Materials show a better reproduction of detail than VPS impression materials, especially under moist conditions.

The research underscores the mounting evidence demonstrating the clinical performance of Impregum polyether impression materials. The impressions rendered in the studies exhibited the precision and accuracy of Impregum polyether impression materials and the effectiveness of their flow properties, despite the presence of blood or saliva in the oral cavity.

One comparative study on the effect of surface moisture on detail reproduction confirms that Impregum polyether impression materials show better detail reproduction in wet environments than VPS materials.

A second study, comparing two VPS impression materials and two 3M ESPE polyether impression materials, further demonstrates that polyether material is more likely to produce impressions with superior detail reproduction in the presence of fluids.

"With Impregum polyether impression materials, dentists can benefit from reliable detail reproduction in virtually any clinical case using his or her preferred technique and working time," said Sean Regan, market development supervisor, 3M ESPE. "Dentists and their lab partners are finding that Impregum materials enable them to take remarkably detailed impressions for crowns, bridges, implants and functional restorations."

A complete, easy-to-read collection of scientific research and product ratings for Impregum polyether impression materials is available in a convenient, pocket-edition booklet or online at www.3MESPE.com/impregumsoft.

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