Mouth taping for sleep: Dos, don'ts, and tips

April 3, 2023
As mouth taping for sleep gains more traction, so does misinformation about the practice. Sleep expert Teresa Power DeNike breaks down what mouth taping can do, and what it should not be used for.

Why are teens, athletes, influencers, and CEOs putting tape across their mouths to sleep? It’s not a cosmetic glow-up, a pop culture fad, or a political statement; people are taping their mouths to improve sleep and overall health. But as with anything new, the unknowns can create a situation where people try it without really knowing how or why.

In this gallery, you’ll learn what mouth taping really can do; tips for you and your patients for appropriately using mouth tape; and what it should not be used for, or won't help. (Note: Anyone thinking of trying mouth taping for sleep should consult their doctor to rule out underlying or untreated conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea.)

*Images of mouth tape courtesy of SomniFix

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Teresa Power DeNike, BS, CCSH

Teresa Power DeNike, BS, CCSH, is the founder of Sleep Better NYC. She has a passion for helping people sleep better through education, sleep coaching, and care coordination. DeNike is board-certified in clinical sleep health with expertise in sleep apnea screening, testing, and treatment, as well as general sleep hygiene and mindset practices. Contact her at [email protected].

Updated January 24, 2023