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New clear aligner service offers in-person, at-home hybrid

May 10, 2021
Quip platform aims to 'increase the transparency of dental care and facilitate a more simple, modern experience for patients.'

Quip has just announced the launch of a clear aligner service that combines patient self-care with virtual consultation and in-person care when needed.

Patients who choose the service would use their smartphones to upload photos for initial estimates, and book a visit with a local dental professional to get professional scans and a checkup to ensure they’re good candidates for aligner treatment.

According to quip’s press release, a recent survey of members indicated that more than a third were either interested or very interested in the new aligner offering, with studies suggesting that as many as 120 million people in the US have malocclusion that could benefit from orthodontic treatment.

On its website, quip touts the aligners as offering patients the ability to “align on your own time, at home or anywhere,” offering among its services virtual check-ins, faster treatment, and better affordability.

The service is currently waitlisting and will launch initially in New York City, and will roll out to other parts of the country as the company builds its network of dental professionals. 

Read the full press release on quip’s clear aligner service.