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OraCare Cares can help you help your cancer patients

March 16, 2021
Do you have a family member or patient with cancer? OraCare rinse mitigates some of the most common oral side effects arising from cancer treatment.

Cancer affects everyone. In fact, you most likely have a family member or a patient in your practice who comes to mind as you read this. Almost all patients who undergo chemotherapy and radiation experience the adverse oral side effects of treatment, such as dry mouth, increased decay, mouth sores, and fungal infections. We who work in the health-care field have a natural inclination to help. The OraCare Cares program is designed to help dental practices offer much-needed support to their patients by way of a simple, effective rinse—at no cost.

Why OraCare?

OraCare was created more than a decade ago by a group of dental professionals for dental professionals. The intention was to create an alternative to chlorhexidine due to its infuriating side effects. Its staining, additional calculus buildup, and limited use for two weeks were all things that needed to be eliminated. Since OraCare’s creation, it has swept through dental offices not only as a successful chlorhexidine alternative, but also as a trusted rinse for everyday care. Sold exclusively in dental offices, the rinse offers more benefits without side effects.

OraCare utilizes activated chlorine dioxide and xylitol, which have properties that extend to a variety of uses throughout the practice. Its ability to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi make it an ideal prerinse, and it is commonly recommended for home care, tissue management, bad breath, gingivitis, periodontal disease, decay reduction, dry mouth, mouth sores, and fungal infections. Coincidentally, these also happen to be some of the most common oral side effects from cancer treatment.

Though OraCare never set out to be a cancer care rinse, it didn’t take long for patients to reach out and let us know how much it had helped them through their cancer treatment. It is now the preferred rinse for many cancer centers as well as dentists and hygienists.

Catherine N. from Quebec says:

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Some of the side effects of the chemo are mouth sores, dry mouth, and a metallic taste that never seems to subside despite several brushings per day. The only thing that gives me some relief from all these symptoms is OraCare. It cured two mouth sores in a day, and it helps alleviate dry mouth each time I have chemo.

OraCare Cares is born

Once our team realized we have something that can make cancer patients’ lives a little easier during this tough and scary time, we couldn’t wait to help—so OraCare Cares was born. Here’s how it works. If an OraCare provider has a patient going through cancer treatment, they can submit that patient’s information to OraCare Cares via the OraCare website. The patient will receive a set of OraCare rinses along with a personalized note of encouragement. The package will be delivered at no cost directly to the patient’s home on behalf of the office.

So far, we’ve helped hundreds of practices in all 50 states support their patients. The program is gaining notice, and we are beginning to partner with cancer clinics to make even more of an impact. Cancer patients have enough to worry about, which is why we are hopeful that OraCare Cares can help make their lives just a little bit easier.

Want to get involved?

The OraCare Cares program is available to all OraCare providers. Learn more at oracareproducts.com/marchoccares.html.

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Robert V. Martino, DDS, is a 1990 West Virginia University School of Dentistry graduate. He owns and operates seven dental practices in West Virginia as CEO of Wilmar Management Company. He is a founder and CEO of EASW, a worldwide aeronautics company focused on repairing airplanes and their engines. In 2012, he and several other elite dentists cofounded Dentist Select and also launched OraCare, of which Dr. Martino serves as CEO. He is the managing partner of iSelectMD, a national telemedicine company whose focus is to lower health-care costs and make access easier for patients. In 2019, he and his team launched The Smile Defenders, a group of dental heroes that help making going to the dentist fun for children.