Fortune Management partners with Forward Science Technologies on latest podcast focusing on oral cancer

May 8, 2015
To raise awarness of oral cancer, Fortune Managment and Forward Science Technology partnered together to create a podcast and lead to more early detection of the disease.

In honor of April, Oral Cancer Awareness Month, two industry leaders, partnered to spread awareness to dental professionals across the country. Fortune Management, a leader in practice management, and Forward Science Technologies, a pioneer in the dental oncology field, have partnered to launch a podcast episode focused on cancer of the dental industry, oral cancer.

The “Practice Mastery” podcast hosted by Fortune Management features industry thinkers and doers on how to make the most out of your chosen profession. The Practice Mastery podcast host, Kim McGuire, explores practice management breakthroughs, new technology, and colleague success stories in these easy to listen to, on-the-go episodes. The current podcast episode brought together a clinician perspective and a life changing technology, to create a must listen to episode. The two speakers were Robert J. Whitman, co-founder and CEO of Forward Science Technologies LLC, and Dr. Amanda Canto, DDS, a Fortune Management client and practicing dentist in Houston, TX. Both are passionate about early detection and spreading the word to other dentists. Early detection is key in this deadly disease.

The startling statistic is that one American dies every hour of oral cancer. There will be over 45,780 expected new cases of oral cancer in the United States alone, this year. Late stage diagnosis will be the cause of more than 8,650 deaths in 2015. These numbers have continued to rise over the past decade. Fortunately, just as with other cancer cases, when oral cancer is caught early, in stages one or two, the patients’ survival rate increases dramatically. OralID was created to assist the dentist in discovering these cancerous or pre-cancerous lesions before he or she can visibly see the area with white light alone.

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