Simplify: "Think Pink"

Oct. 20, 2008
This month, we are spotlighting all of the companies that have either made a true effort to create designated breast cancer awareness products, or are donating funds to breast cancer organizations with a portion of the proceeds of these products.

Pink Ribbon Family of Dental Products from SmartPractice — SmartPractice has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to creating products with breast cancer awareness in mind. They have a pink prophy angle, white bibs with the pink breast cancer logo, pink gloves, and a translucent pink toothbrush. The gloves, available in both vinyl and latex, come in a box with the pink ribbons prominently displayed. There is a pink ribbon embossed on the head of the prophy angle. SmartPractice will donate 5% of its profits from pink ribbon products ($1 donated per case of gloves) year round to show their support. For more information, visit or call (800) 522-0800.

Crosstex Pink with a Purpose — Crosstex has added to its pink Comfort Plus saliva ejectors and masks this year to include a wide array of pink products, with funds donated to the Breast and Reproductive Health Center at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Facial protection, hand care, towels, bibs, and tray liners, in addition to sterilization bags and prophy products, round out this extensive pink line. My favorite is definitely the Comfort Plus saliva ejector. These are truly the most comfortable saliva ejectors around. They have a rounded tip with longer evacuation slots. They do not engage soft tissue as other saliva ejectors may do. The comfort plus is very flexible and retains its shape during a procedure. Crosstex will donate a portion of the sales of this product to a breast cancer organization. For more information, contact

Oraspa's Soothe LotionSoothe lotion is customized for relaxation with a universally safe blend of all-natural essential oils. Soothe is to be used on patients and dental professionals either in the office or at home for stress relief. All of Oraspa's products are 100% all natural, hypoallergenic, and noncomedogenic. Twenty-five percent of all proceeds from the purchase of Soothe will be donated specifically to breast cancer research. For more information, visit or call (630) 418-3324.

HuFriedy Y-Me Curette and #100 Thin Swivel Direct Flow ultrasonic insert — In addition to its commitment to participation in the Y-Me annual race, Hu Friedy has gone the extra mile to create an instrument bearing the namesake of Y-Me. HuFriedy created a brand new scaler for debridement of lower anterior teeth, line angles, and primary dentition. It is excellent for debridement. This scaler was created with the input of 21 hygienists and dentists. The blade has a 70-degree angle set on a contra-angle shank. For each curette sold, Hu-Friedy will donate $1 to Y-Me, the namesake of the scaler. The #100 Thin Swivel Direct Flow insert comes in either 25kHz or 30kHz, and was selected as the "Y-Me spokes-instrument from the ultrasonic line." These inserts will swivel 360- degrees for easier access. For each insert, Hu-Friedy will be donating $2 to Y-Me. Each scaler and insert has the pink Y-Me ribbon. For more information, visit or call 1-800-Hu-Friedy.

Henry Schein — Henry Schein has created a group of products with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the American Cancer Society. The company has a group of exclusive products, which appear in the pink section of its catalog. Four noteworthy products are Demi Pink LED curing light by KERR, Ritter 8.5 x 12.5 inch tray cover with pink breast cancer logo, Pink Septodont Aspirating Syringe, and 2-ply 13" by 18" patient bibs in white with the pink ribbon. Henry Schein also has additional breast cancer awareness products, such as professional lab wear, articulating forceps, cotton pliers, and assorted disposables available. For more information, visit and key in "BCA."

For more information about breast cancer research, visit Y-Me,, or Susan Koman,