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Fresno dentist sued after teen loses part of her jaw

Sept. 26, 2013
Dr. Su Nhia Ying Vang is being sued by the teen

A young Fresno woman is suing her dentist for negligence in a civil trial that is exploring whether Hmong culture played a role in the woman's medical troubles.

The trial in Fresno County Superior Court pits Elina Vue, 23, against Dr. Su Nhia Ying Vang, who has been practicing in Fresno since 1998 at Brite Care Dental on East Shields Avenue near Millbrook Avenue. Tuesday, Vue and Vang gave their final pitch to the jury. She contends that Vang failed to treat a growing tumor that X-rays first revealed in November 2004. Over the next 20 months, Vue made more than a dozen visits to Vang's office. During that time, Vang took more than seven sets of X-rays of Vue's teeth, filled several cavities, did a root canal, extracted two teeth and gave her antibiotics and painkillers. But, Vue testified, Vang failed to detect a tumor in her jaw or refer her to a specialist in a timely manner. Read the entire article at

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