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Liquid-cytology testing debuts to dental industry

Feb. 28, 2014
Technology incorporates fluorescence and liquid-based cytology to enhance the oral health assessment.

HOUSTON, Texas--Forward Science Technologies has announced launch of CytID.

CytID is a liquid-based cytology method for sampling tissue highlighted by OralID. CytID incorporates technology from Resolution Biomedical, makers of ClearPrep, next generation liquid-based cytology.

"OralID users have been asking us to develop a test for suspicious tissue highlighted by the fluorescence technology," explained Dr. Brian Pikkula, president & CTO of Forward Science Technologies.

"Incorporating a high-quality liquid-based product enhances the entire screening process."

CytID is a cytology product that targets oral cancer screening and can facilitate HPV testing of suspicious samples. Further, collecting a cytology sample with CytID is less painful for the patient, simple for the clinician, and the result can provide early detection should harmful conditions exist.

"We have been testing ClearPrep for oral screening for some time," explained Michael Friedl, president & CEO of Resolution Biomedical.

"Because of their depth of experience in the dental market, partnering with Forward Science Technologies has been a natural fit for us. We have high hopes for CytID."

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