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A tragic turn of events to most important dental story published in 2012

Dec. 21, 2012
Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, MS, relates a tragic turn of events to a story about sex and oral cancer that was published in the April 6 issue of RDH eVillage FOCUS. The article has been selected by PennWell dental editors as the most important dental story published in 2012.
Jo-Anne Jones, RDH, President, RDH Connection Inc., has much to be proud of! An article by Jo-Anne, about a possible connection between sex and oral cancer, has been selected by the dental editors of PennWell publications as the most important article published in 2012 for the dental profession. Jones’ article, “Sex and oral cancer: What is the connection?” appeared in the April 6 issue of RDH eVillage FOCUS e-newsletter. The article shares some of the latest statistics regarding a possible connection between the human papillomavirus (HPV) and oral cancer. To read the article, click here. The editors participating in the selection of the top published dental story perform editorial duties for Dental Economics, RDH, and Proofs magazines, as well as Dental Assisting Digest, RDH eVillage, RDH eVillage FOCUS, DE Expert Tips & Tricks, Surgical-Restorative Resource, and New Products electronic newsletters. Articles that were published in either print or electronic formats were accepted. Dental editors were asked to submit a nomination of the most important article from their respective publication. Nominations were sought for the following categories: • Most important article from Dental Assisting Digest • Most important article from Proofs • Most important article from RDH eVillage • Most important article from RDH eVillage FOCUS • Most important article from New Products • Most important article from Surgical-Restorative Resource • Most important article from DE Expert Tips & Tricks • Most important article from • Most important article from RDHmag.comNow for the sad news. Jo-Anne was reduced to tears when I notified her of her win. Please see the note below to understand the loss her family has endured this past week. This was an ironic, cruel twist of fate, as the cause of death of Jo-Anne’s young cousin was HPV oropharyngeal cancer, one of Jo-Anne’s speaking and writing topics. Her cousin was diagnosed on September 26th, 2011. Jo-Anne would like to honor her cousin’s memory with having any formal announcement somehow tied in with a tribute to her life. Jo-Anne was pleased with the nomination, and the win. She sends heartfelt thanks for making the "silver lining" in this cloud overshadowing her family a reality. Jo-Anne is so passionate about getting this message out. To read the article, click here. Please see the story below.
To my friends and colleagues,

It is with heaviest of hearts that I announce the passing of my beautiful cousin Bonnie at the age of 46. After a courageous fight with HPV oropharyngeal cancer over the last 15 months, her life ended on December 6th. Bonnie dedicated her life to fitness and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle for herself, family and all those she came in contact with. She gave it everything she had in order to be there for her 3 beautiful daughters and loving husband, Geoff. So many of us take for granted that we will see our children graduate from high school, go on their first date, get dressed for their first prom…

As a dental professional we can do much more in the fight against oral cancer. I wish to thank many in the industry who have supported Bonnie through product donations, prayers and kindness. A special thank you to the Oral Cancer Foundation and the founder, Brian Hill, for being there as an incredible resource to Bonnie and her family. Also, many thanks to Oral Science and 3M ESPE for the provision of products to see Bonnie through her initial radiation and chemotherapy. This is kindness in action and words cannot express my thanks. I’d also like to acknowledge the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association and LED Dental (VELscope) for all they have done to elevate awareness of oral cancer at the national level.

Many thanks to all of you who have supported my efforts through speaking engagements. It has always been a passion of mine to get this message out. Now it is a personal mission.

Thank you for your prayers for Bonnie, her family and the many lives she has touched. Our world is a better place after having been graced with her presence.

Donations to the Oral Cancer Foundation would be graciously accepted.


Our sincere condolences to Jo-Anne and her family on the loss of her cousin, as well as the loss of her Father-in-law, all in the same week. Thank you for letting us share your personal story, in the hope that we are increasing awareness of the HPV-oral cancer link.
Jo-Anne Jones an international speaker and the President of RDH CONNECTION Inc. Jo-Anne may be contacted through [email protected].

Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, MS

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