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Oral cancer products

April 17, 2015
After witnessing his parents' battles with oral cancer, Matthew H.J. Kim, JD, founded Vigilant Biosciences-a company that is soon to launch a new system of products for oral cancer risk assessment. He now heads the company as CEO.

OncAlert from Vigilant Biosciences

After witnessing his parents' battles with oral cancer, Matthew H.J. Kim, JD, founded Vigilant Biosciences-a company that is soon to launch a new system of products for oral cancer risk assessment. He now heads the company as CEO.

Vigilant Biosciences' OncAlert system is comprised of a rapid point-of-care test and laboratory assay. The rapid point-of-care test is a qualitative, rinse-and-spit risk assessment that can be integrated into routine dental appointments. Within minutes, the test can indicate whether a patient is at elevated risk for oral cancer. If a patient is found to be at-risk by the point-of-care test, s/he can be referred to a specialist or oral surgeon who might administer the lab assay, which offers more quantitative results in terms of risk stratification.

Pending CE mark approval for the European Union and FDA approval for the United States, Kim anticipates that the system will be available in the United States during early 2016.

More info:Click the video still above to watch an interview with Kim, or visit www.vigilantbiosciences.com

NeutraSal from Invado Pharmaceuticals

Some head-and-neck cancer patients who undergo chemo- or radiation therapy develop oral mucositis, characterized by the atrophy of the mucosal lining of the oral cavity and the development of ulcers-both of which cause patients pain and erythema, as well as difficulty eating, drinking, speaking, and performing oral hygiene. In some cases, patients also develop a layer of white mucus over their gingiva and tongues.

NeutraSal, an oral rinse from Invado Pharmaceuticals, is designed to help heal the oral mucosa in cancer patients, as well as in those who have Sjogren's syndrome, xerostomia, and more. It's easy to use: A single-use packet of powder is simply mixed with water to create the rinse, which, with its abundance of electrolytes-
including calcium, phosphate, bicarbonate, and chloride
-mimics natural saliva. In addition to helping to heal the mucosa, it can also help to reduce the risk of caries.

Although NeutraSal is available by prescription, Invado Pharmaceuticals also offers a direct-access program to support patients who could benefit from the rinse, regardless of their insurance or financial situations.

More info:www.neutrasal.com

SaliMark OSCC from PeriRx LLC

Developed by PeriRx LLC, SaliMark OSCC is a salivary diagnostic test for the early detection and diagnosis of oral squamous cell carcinoma. Based on licensed technology from the University of California at Los Angeles, SaliMark OSCC is differentiated from other oral cancer tests on the market by its molecular DNA multi-biomarker panel, which offers actionable results. With a 95% rate of sensitivity, this noninvasive salivary assay can help to identify carcinoma-or even dysplasia-if it is present.

Each SaliMark OSCC salivary test kit consists of two components: the sample collection kit and the lab assay. After the saliva specimen is collected, the sample is sent to a lab for testing, and results are returned to the clinician within two days.

VELscope Vx from LED Dental

Rather than reflected light, LED Dental's VELscope Vx uses fluorescent light to illuminate cellular, structural, and metabolic abnormalities in the oral cavity. In addition to aiding in the detection of viral, bacterial, and fungal infections within the oral cavity, as well as in the identification of inflammation, the VELscope Vx enables clinicians to identify cancerous and precancerous lesions and oral surgeons to define the margins of those lesions.

Testing with VELscope only takes about two minutes, and the camera solution that comes with it allows for easy digital photo documentation for records and referrals. The VELscope Vx also comes with a rechargeable battery, a charging cradle, patient safety glasses, disposable samples, and literature.

More info:www.leddental.com

OralID from Forward Science

OralID is an adjunctive oral cancer-screening device that uses light fluorescence technology to enable clinicians to identify cancerous and precancerous lesions during recare appointments. Healthy oral tissue fluoresces under the light of OralID, while abnormal tissue appears dark. Yes, this is the same light fluorescence technology used by other oral examination devices ... So what sets OralID apart?

It doesn't require disposables and has no per-patient cost. And it's a packaged deal: Dental offices that purchase an OralID device are offered a personal, web-based, live training session to familiarize the team with the device and help them understand how to interpret the results. Each OralID kit also comes with a SmartFilterID for photo documentation, two pairs of filtered eyewear, batteries, and a two-year warranty.

More info:www.oralid.com