Digestive Problems Often Seen During Dental Checkups

March 21, 2012
A healthy mouth usually reflects a healthy lifestyle.

The next time you are in the dentist’s office for a cleaning, you might want to thank your dental professional for poking around in your mouth and giving it the once-over.

As awkward as the probing is, you ought to know that she can detect a number of things -- not just gum disease, gingivitis and cavities, but also possible digestive problems.

Diabetes, for instance, is often associated with periodontal disease, because both conditions signal more inflammation than usual in your body. Diabetes puts you at risk for gum disease and, in turn, gum disease makes it hard to control blood sugar. Those with diabetes have to take extra care in cleaning their teeth.

In addition, a look at your mouth might give clues as to the presence of harmful bacteria getting into your digestive system or to digestive problems linked to inflammation.

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