Chairside Connection: World Oral Health Day 2023: The connection between oral and systemic health

March 19, 2023
World Oral Health Day is the perfect time to remind patients how important oral-systemic health is. Dr. Tim Donley was a trendsetter on the topic.

Are dental pros clearly communicating to patients the importance of taking care of their mouth as it pertains to their overall health? Dr. Tim Donley, a trendsetter in sharing the importance or oral-systemic health, believes we can step up communication about the importance of oral health, especially on World Oral Health Day (March 20). When he learned information about the connection 25 years ago, he knew this was the future. He even took out billboards in his Kentucky town to share the oral-systemic message!

But he believes dental pros can improve how they share this information with patients. So many other health professions have successfully shared their message, and dentists need to join that group. Helping patients achieve an oral cavity that’s relatively free of disease and giving them the tools to maintain that health is key to helping them keep their mouths healthy. Dr. Donley shares how he gets his patients to practice good home-care routines, and what motivators he has found to be effective. 

We can’t afford to become complacent in any respect. We need to stick with our messaging and tell patients why they must visit their dentist regularly. Watch to hear more about what Dr. Donley believes we should discuss regularly with our patients on why, as we celebrate World Oral Health Day.

Download the WOHD infographic, "Empower patients to take control of their oral health today," from Philips.

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