Chairside Connection: Setting patients up for success in 2023

Jan. 30, 2023
How can you make 2023 better than previous years? By having better conversations with patients. Lee Somerville, RDH, of Philips shares ways to approach oral-systemic health with patients so the conversation makes an impact.

We're all here to help our patients keep their teeth and stay healthy. I had a chance to spend time with Lee Somerville, RDH, who's the Philips professional education director. As such, she's learned a lot of ideas along the way for having effective conversations with your patients.

We all have patients who believe they're practicing great oral hygiene. But there are various reasons this often doesn't happen, whether the patient is careless or genuinely trying their best. It's our job to share ideas and products with them that will make a difference, and as a result will lead them to better overall health and quality of life. 

But how to have this conversation comfortably and effectively with patients? Listen to what Lee shares with me that will work in your office. Patients who listen and are compliant will help make 2023 one of your best years ever.

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