Crosstex introduces SaniCleen products

Aug. 11, 2005
They include tablets, ultrasonic cleaner, evacuation system cleaner, and tartar and stain remover.

Crosstex Introduces SaniCleen tablets. Tablets save storage space, time and money.

SaniCleen UC (Ultrasonic Cleaner) is non toxic, more effective than effervescent or enzymatic solutions. Dissolve in warm water to activate anionic compounds and solvents which instantly burst blood molecules and clean adherent soil. Unlike enzymes, SaniCleen remains highly effective for a full day without being "used up", leaves no residue, is not affected by water pH, temperatures, or load. SaniCleen preserves and protects but does not corrode metals.
1 tablet makes 1 gal.

SaniCleen EV (evacuation System Cleaner) is non foaming to protect vacuum motors, but rapidly dissolves adherent build-up in suction lines. SankCleen completely biodegradable, is antibacterial, and does not leach silver out of amalgam. 1 tablet makes 1 quart.

SaniCleen TS (Tartar and Stain Remover) removes calculus, tobacco and food stains in 5 to 10 minutes from bridges, dentures, appliances, and orthodontic instruments. 1 tablet makes 1 pint.