Sales promotion launched for plaque remover

Jan. 4, 2006
For limited time, Conair is offering the new Interplak NT7CS Power Plaque Remover for $19.99 with volume discounts and free shipping for larger purchases.

Conair, the manufacturer of the popular Interplak line of power toothbrushes, has launched a special sales promotion celebrating the new NT7CS Power Plaque Remover.

According to company spokesperson Kevin Morton, "The NT7CS offers a new sleek, compact design that uses less shelf space. It provides a safe and easy way to eliminate plaque and also helps prevent cavities and gum disease for healthier teeth and gums."

Clinical research has proven that the NT7CS' specially engineered brush heads with individually rotating tufts help:

*Flush away toxins caused by plaque
*Reverse gingivitis
*Prevent gum disease
*Prevent cavities

For a limited time, Conair is offering dental professionals the brand-new Interplak NT7CS Power Plaque Remover for $19.99, and is offering volume discounts with free shipping for larger purchases. This versatile oral care system includes the following features:

*Compact 8-tuft brush head that fits every mouth
*Triple-action engineering that cleans, polishes and massages teeth and gums
*Soft, ribbed, nonslip comfort grip handle
*Easy twist-off design for brush head replacement
*Charging light

The NT7CS can be resold or offered as a gift to new patients, patients who haven't been following a recommended oral care program, or new orthodontic patients.

"The NT7CS is the best power brush choice for orthodontic patients," added Morton. "It is designed to leave a long-lasting cleaner, healthier mouth. The NT7CS is a much more advanced technology than any toothbrush available on the market thus far."

For more information about the Interplak NT7CS Power Plaque Remover Promotion and to order, please call toll-free: 1-800-633-6363.