Dental jewelery promotes self-expression, oral health

June 2, 2006
New line to be introduced at upcoming American Dental Hygienists Association tradeshow.

ORLANDO, Fla.--Twindent, a Swedish company that started a fashion and lifestyle trend in Europe with its unique dental jewellery, is introducing its new line of Twinkles dental jewelery to hygienists at the American Dental Hygienists Association tradeshow June 24-26 in Orlando, Fla.

"Twinkles are attractive alternatives to today's youth who may not want a permanent tattoo or a piercing," said Twindent CEO Lotta Loberg. "Twinkles give the younger dental patient an attractive reason to go to the dental office and express his or her unique personality."

Twinkles are designed to be bonded to the tooth in a safe and reversible manner. The procedure leaves the tooth completely intact and allows for easy removal, similar to an orthodontic bracket.

The Twinkles line of dental jewellery has been designed with the fashion conscious young female patient in mind, Loberg said. Twinkles dental Jewellery are pure 22-24k gold with real diamonds, rubies and sapphires on select designs such as stars, hearts, droplets, and dolphins.

A diamond is shaped like a cone in order to create the sparkle. We set the diamond in gold to create a flat surface in the back in order to attach it to the tooth, which allows the dentist to avoid drilling a hole in the tooth, she said.

"When our customers flash a smile, their Twinkles jewellery serves as a real attention getter and conversation starter," Loberg said.

Currently, Twindent is marketing Twinkles to dental hygienists and dentists because Loberg wants to encourage people to visit the dentist and thinks Twinkles will serve as positive motivation for young patients who may not visit regularly.

Additionally, Twinkles must be affixed by a dentist or hygienist in the office and cannot be done at home.

"We want to encourage patients to go to the dentist's office and Twinkles is a great way to make a fashion statement and ensure you have excellent oral health," Loberg said.