Volunteers for new informatics' projects sought

Feb. 23, 2005
ADA searching for assistance with four newly approved work projects.

The American Dental Association's (ADA) Standards Committee on Dental Informatics is seeking volunteers for four newly approved work projects.

The proposed project, ADA Specification for Integration of Orthodontic Standards, will create an extensible framework for integrating dental specialties within the existing ADA standard electronic health record (EHR) architecture. This will allow the incorporation of orthodontic treatment elements into the EHR architecture.

The planned ADA Specification for Necessary and Sufficient Data Content for the Electronic Dental Claim will provide a determination of data required to report dental services for third-party processing of electronic dental claims.

The project, ADA Specification for Standard Content of a Periodontal Attachment, will provide a determination of the content necessary and sufficient to provide a dataset for periodontal diseases and conditions to support a periodontal claim.

Additionally, the proposed ADA Specification for the Attachment of a Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Dataset Using E-mail will explain DICOM e-mail standards within dentistry, with a special emphasis on the dental office.

This report will address the need for the ready-secure transmission of diagnostic digital images between dental practitioners for consultation and referral to specialists.

For more information about participating in the ADA standards committee working groups that are developing these documents, please contact Janet Hagen at 800-440-2506 or e-mail "[email protected]."