Web site allows youth to design, e-mail their smile

Jan. 11, 2007
Bracket Jacketz interchangeable clips for braces allow kids to individualize their smile, make wearing braces fun.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada--Bracket Jacketz, the company that invented fun and colorful interchangeable clips for braces, has launched a new Web site.

The site--bracketjacketz.com--allows kids to see how their smile would look with Bracket Jacketz and then e-mail the design to a friend. The Web site also provides information to orthodontists about the features and benefits of Bracket Jacketz and how to order the groundbreaking product.

"We're thrilled about the launch of our new website, which was designed to be fun and informational for both kids and orthodontists," said Arnold Gold, President of Bracket Jacketz. "Kids will really like the Design Your Own Smile feature and the ability to email their new look to friends, while doctors will appreciate the information about Bracket Jacketz' benefits to orthodontic treatment."

In the Design Your Own Smile feature, kids can click and drag Bracket Jacketz design clips onto a virtual mouth with braces and see how Bracket Jacketz can transform their "metal mouth" into a fashion statement.

In this feature, kids can choose from the 25 different Bracket Jacketz designs, which feature alphabetical letters and popular symbols, and then try the designs on either clear or colored clips. After they have created their stylin' new look, kids can email their design to friends for peer feedback.

"Design Your Own Smile really is a great way for kids to see why Bracket Jacketz are the hottest accessory for braces," Gold said. "Until Bracket Jacketz, the only way to add excitement to traditional metal braces was colored ligatures, or bands, which offer limited color selections and have to be changed by the orthodontic staff. Bracket Jacketz not only add color to braces...they allow kids to express their unique personalities with words and designs and then change the Bracket Jacketz themselves whenever they want. It's like text messaging for kids' mouths."

The Web site provides other valuable information for 'tweens' and teens who wear braces, including a downloadable Quick Start Guide to show them how to apply and care for Bracket Jacketz. A database of orthodontists from all over the United States helps patients find out if their doctor offers Bracket Jacketz and provides people without an orthodontist with a list of nearby orthodontic practices.

Orthodontists interested in this groundbreaking new product will also find an array of useful information, including a list of features and benefits, answers to frequently asked questions, and contact information so they can place orders.

For more information, visit www.bracketjacketz.com or contact Laura Olson-Reyes, Director of Marketing, at (702) 651-7277 or (866) 587-6453.