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Hu-Friedy introduces Clear Collection

Aug. 5, 2013
New line of clear aligner instruments provides solutions for customized efficiency.

CHICAGO, Illinois--Hu-Friedy, a leader in the manufacturing of dental instruments and products, has announced the North American launch of the Clear Collection.

The collection is a new line of orthodontic clear aligner instruments. Set to launch globally later this year, the Clear Collection offers othodontists four instruments that help accent, individualize, and optimize the biomechanics of clear aligners in the office.

Due to the recent clear aligner trend in Orthodontics, Hu-Friedy--in partnership with Hu-Friedy Thought Leader Dr. S. Jay Bowman DMD, MSD--designed the Clear Collection to help streamline the treatment process. Each instrument within the collection has a unique function that, when properly applied to clear aligners, allows for easier in-office adjustments and tweaks.
Instruments include:

• The Tear Drop: An instrument that creates a notch at the gingival margin of clear aligners where elastic hooks are required within the arch. It also provides a reservoir to hold the elastics in place, permitting easy manipulation of elastics by the patient.
• The Vertical: Focuses on the over-correction of rotations by producing an indentation at the mesial or distal angles of a tooth.
• The Horizontal: Creates an indentation to accent individual root torque. Retention of either the clear aligners or retainers is enhanced by placing this indent into a tooth’s undercut or below a bonded attachment.
• The Hole Punch: Creates a half moon cutout for relief of clear aligners around bonded buttons used for elastics. It also can nip away plastic to provide soft tissue clearance to prevent aligner impingement of tissue.

“Hu-Friedy’s Thought Leader program enables us to create cutting edge products inspired by professionals that are leaders in their field of dental expertise, said Ken Serota, president of Hu-Friedy.

“The Clear Collection is an example of this relationship, our collaboration with Dr. S. Jay Bowman led to the launch of a new generation of innovative orthodontic instruments designed to help ease the clear aligner experience for both the practitioner and the patient by allowing on-the-spot aligner modifications.”

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