Ortho Technology launches X7 Orthodontic Instruments

Nov. 20, 2013

Ortho Technology is a rapidly growing leader in the orthodontic supply market. Since 1991 Ortho Technology has offered innovative and unique products that orthodontic professionals worldwide have come to trust. Ortho Technology is committed as a company to provide practices with the very best products possible, while delivering the utmost in customer service.

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Ortho Technology's new X7 Orthodontic Instruments are a premium line of cutters and pliers. Made in the USA by master craftsmen, they are hand-crafted through 80% of the process. Produced from a high quality 400 series surgical stainless steel material blend with stringent quality control to ensure consistent performance and reliability. The X7 handle is designed for optimal fit and comfort with contoured corners around the joint area to give a slim-line look and feel. The glare minimizing shadow satin surfacing provides a long lasting finish.

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X7 Orthodontic Instruments are offered in 30 different cutters and pliers to meet various orthodontic needs. X7 comes with a lifetime warranty against materials defects and craftsmanship.

To see the full line of X7 Orthodontic Instruments, go to www.orthotechnology.com/new_products/x7.cfm.

For more information on Ortho Technology, visit www.orthotechnology.com.