Dr Janet Schrodi

Dentist Janet Schrodi's bad past leads her to help others

Sept. 19, 2013
Once victim of a pedophile, Dr. Schrodi helps Forever Found Today

One Granada Hills, Calif., orthodontist, Dr. Janet Schrodi of TLC for Smiles, is standing up for the 1.2 million children per year who are human trafficking victims. She is donating one case of orthodontic treatment to Forever Found's silent auction taking place on Sept. 26 at the Moorpark Country Club.

Dr. Schrodi explains, "During my childhood over a two-year period, I fell victim to a local pedophile. I understand something about the devastation that exploitation causes. The children I am trying to help do not suffer for such a short time. They are slaves and forced to service adults sexually every day of their lives. Boys and girls are dying young due to despair, neglect, and sexually transmitted diseases. This atrocity happens in Los Angeles and throughout the world. In some countries, a child can be purchased for only $20! By donating one case of orthodontic treatment, as many as 200 children can be rescued." Dr. Schrodi became a supporter of Forever Found after hearing an impassioned plea to respond to this overwhelming issue by using whatever talents one has to offer. Forever Found is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention, rescue and restoration of child trafficking victims.

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