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New Easy Braces toothbrush for cleaning around arch wires

April 30, 2013
New brush reduces or eliminates unsightly decalcifications

Created by Dr. Joe Stofko, DMD, orthodontist, and brought to you by the makers of the Channel-Trim toothbrush, Tess Oral Health announces the Orthodontic Easy Braces™ Toothbrush.This is the first-ever toothbrush designed specifically to clean underneath the arch wire thereby reducing or eliminating unsightly decalcifications.

The day of braces removal is the most exciting day for any orthodontic patient," said Dr. Stofko. "But, too many times, I’ve witnessed the joy and celebration of becoming brace-free, clouded by upset and disappointment due to the presence of unsightly decalcifications left behind. I was inspired to develop an orthodontic toothbrush with a bristle pattern that would hug braces, reach trouble spots, and most importantly, enable patients to brush underneath the orthodontic arch wire. The Easy Braces is an orthodontic toothbrush that you can proudly offer your patients."

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The hollow well of the brush-head hugs the brackets while longer bristles massage the gums and teeth. A separate set of bristles serves to clean underneath the arch wire. Invented, tested, and patented by Dr. Stofko, the Easy Braces brush is proven to succeed. It is available in five bright colors.

Like all Tess products, the brushes can be personalized. Why? Because personalized toothbrushes promote your practice.

Call 800-762-1765 or visit www.tessoralhealth.com to order. To watch a short video demonstration of the brush, click here.