Slide kits for speakers available

July 18, 2001
Conair Corp. announces the availability of speaker slide kits for the orthodontic market

The Conair Corporation, manufacturer of the INTERPLAK� Power Toothbrush, is pleased to announce the availability of their new orthodontic-focused speaker slide kits. The kits have been designed to educate other dental professionals about the benefits of incorporating the use of a Power Toothbrush into their patient�s oral care regimen. Clinical data from five studies, specific to the orthodontic market, is used to explain how the INTERPLAK Power Toothbrush safely and effectively assists orthodontic patients in removing plaque and food debris from around bands and brackets. INTERPLAK�S exclusive brush head design has two rows of counter-rotating tufts that straddle the arch wire like no other brush available.

The kit is designed to add more depth to existing presentations covering the topic of maintaining optimal gingival health throughout orthodontic treatment. The kit includes slides and narratives, and is packaged with relevant clinical information illustrating the benefits of incorporating the INTERPLAK into your patient�s oral care treatment.

Because oral care is vital, but not always easy for orthodontic patients, the INTERPLAK is equipped with long bristles and a patented counter-rotational motion that is effective for cleaning interproximally and subgingivally for patients with braces. The deep interproximal cleaning is effective for patients who cannot floss effectively around arch wires.

The INTERPLAK Counter-rotational Model is clinically proven to clean teeth 90-percent plaque-free and reverse gingivitis. Launched in 1985, the INTERPLAK Power Toothbrush set the gold standard in the power toothbrush category and is highly regarded as the original power toothbrush. An impressive record of safety and efficacy, deeply rooted in unsurpassed clinical performance, has helped the INTERPLAK Power Toothbrush to maintain worldwide recognition.

For information or to request a free INTERPLAK Presentation Kit, call 1-800-663-6363