Case study with a natural treatment for apthous ulcers

March 27, 2009
Dental hygienist examines benefits of product in treating canker sores.

Caption for above photo: My patient was particularly impressed with the rapid healing, usually within 1-5 days, and the fact that the size of the ulcer was reduced. Once she felt the sore coming on, before it caused pain, she was able to gently hold the disc adjacent to the sore while it gradually took hold, adhering by itself after about 30 seconds.

By Bridget Conway, RDH

Apthous ulcers are painful, no doubt about it. They appear with unknown etiology, although they do have triggers. Emotional stress, eating a certain type of food, using toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate, these things and others may precipitate a break out. Canker sores frequently reoccur in episodes. The initial episode usually occurs in adolescence and is slightly more common in the female population.

Clinical presentation and location of the ulcer are keys to providing an accurate diagnosis.

What really piqued my interest in this product, as a hygienist, was the fact that thus far I had a difficult time recommending an effective treatment for canker sores/apthous ulcers, until I tried a new adhering disc containing licorice root and collagen.

I sampled CankerMelts and the product proved to be a very useful remedy in healing and reducing the duration of an ulcer. Canker Melts has become my choice of treatment for apthous ulcers.

I also found this a useful treatment for mouth sores from trauma, braces and dentures. I found no commonly added allergens that restrict use or interfere with other medications. I feel confident and helpful in recommending CankerMelts to my patients.

In the plethora of pharmacy out there, it is great to have a natural and effective alternative to treating an altogether, painful nuisance; canker sores.

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