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Align announces deal with the 3M True Definition Scanner

Jan. 14, 2014

January 14, 2014

Earlier this morning, Align Technology, Inc. announced that the 3M True Definition scanner is now qualified for use with Invisalign case submissions, making it the only third-party scanner to do so, according to Baird Equity Research.

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Despite the unique relationship, Align Technology, the leading manufacturer in orthodontics, is open to working with any digital impression scanner that meets their minimum requirements, says Baird. In fact, there are no financial terms associated with this deal, which was announced this morning at Align Technology’s national sales meeting.

Baird Equity Research had the details from the meeting, along with their take on what this means for both Align and 3M.

“We consider this a positive for 3M (…) For Align, however, we consider it a modest negative near-term as True Definition placements are currently limited.”

Get all of the details in the report “Align Technology, Inc. Announces Interoperability Deal with 3M.”