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2,000 users and still growing strong, CS OrthoTrac hits the mark

July 22, 2014
Popularity of CS OrthoTrac Cloud brings total CS Cloud users to 2,000

Since its launch, Carestream Dental’s CS OrthoTrac Cloud has quickly risen to be its most popular cloud offering. In fact, Carestream Dental announces that with offices going live on CS OrthoTrac Cloud on a weekly basis, it recently welcomed the 2,000th user to its cloud platform.

CS OrthoTrac Cloud delivers all the features and functionality of the CS OrthoTrac software — insurance filing, appointment scheduling, financial reporting, patient records, day-to-day administrative tasks, etc. — but allows an office to maintain file systems and database under one virtual roof. Plus, CS OrthoTrac Cloud makes adding locations easy and cost-effective. “It’s not surprising that, in this technological age, CS OrthoTrac Cloud has done so well in such a short amount of time,” said Alistair Bruce, general manager, dental practice management software. “Not only is CS OrthoTrac already a trusted name in the industry, but switching to the cloud is easier than ever, cost effective, and it helps practices run more efficiently, thus freeing up more time for caring for and interacting with patients.” Other benefits of CS OrthoTrac Cloud include access to files 24/7, allowing practitioners to effectively manage their practice and patients from anywhere; back-ups and maintenance of sensitive patient and practice management files by Carestream Dental with HIPAA-compliant storage; and reduced financial concerns such as maintaining aging equipment or retaining an IT company to configure networks. Another major benefit of the cloud is that there is no longer a need for manual updates. Practices can be assured that they’re always using the most up-to-date version of their software as Carestream Dental sees to any and all updates remotely. That means that CS OrthoTrac Cloud users are actually taking advantage of the latest version of CS OrthoTrac V12. This new version makes patient lookup even easier with multiple search options; features referral tracking; and even offers easy-to-understand patient hygiene “report cards.”

Other features of V12 include:
• CS Office Expert automatically evaluates a practice daily and compares it to set thresholds based on practice goals. It even prioritizes users through addressing areas that need attention.
• Patient Tracking, the key to going paperless, customizes information practitioners want to track and identifies patients who are at a decision point.
• The CS OrthoTrac Sarver Module is a comprehensive esthetic evaluation module that accounts for patient needs and opens channels for insightful patient-doctor communication.
• Optional eServices such as automated statements, eClaims, eVerifications, and ePayments.

“CS OrthoTrac was the first orthodontic practice management software introduced to the market in 1982, but a lot has changed since then, from both a technological and business standpoint,” Bruce said. “Be it upgrades or making the switch to the cloud, our software is always evolving in response to those changes and customer feedback to allow orthodontic offices to more efficiently manage the business of their practices in the modern age.”

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