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Promotional items from ParadiseDentalSupplies

June 13, 2012
Several promotional items now available from

A fountain of youth water bottle, prepasted toothbrushes, a dual head toothbrush, and plaque control kits are just a few of the promotional items now available from

Kids will love the pediatric water bottle kits — plaque control in a bottle — which are a water bottle containing a junior toothbrush with cover, six giraffe flossers, and a timer. Choose between a smiley face or monkey design on the water bottles, which come in a variety of colors. The water bottle reminds children to drink water, a healthy habit.

The ortho water bottle kit also encourages orthodontic patients to drink water. This kit includes the dental office's choice of toothbrushes, floss, and mirror. The water bottle can be customized with the practice's name on it. also offers a new and improved pre pasted toothbrush. They offer three flavors, including a few flavors other companies don't carry. Dental offices report that patients are enjoying the new flavors offered by Paradise — bubble gum and fruit. The pre pasted brushes are convenient and cost effective.

Finally, Paradise carries an amazing new dual head toothbrush for orthodontic patients. On the end of the brush is an interproximal brush that folds into the handle. It's easy to use to clean between brackets, and can also be used for periodontal patients.

For more information about the new products, visit or call 888-774-0644.

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