PracticeWorks introduces Smart Call Module

April 30, 2010
Compatible with KODAK ORTHOTRAC practice-management software, the Smart Call Module enhances a practice’s productivity and improves patient care.

ATLANTA, Georgia--PracticeWorks, the exclusive maker of KODAK Dental Systems, unveiled the Smart Call Module for ORTHOTRAC Software users at the 110th Annual Session of the American Association of Orthodontists in Washington, D.C.

PracticeWorks also has announced that the KODAK ORTHOTRAC Point-of-Care Module is now optimized for use on an Apple iPad in addition to tablet PCs. Both products were developed to improve patient communication, increase a practice’s efficiency, and minimize interruptions to a practice’s daily workflow.

The Smart Call Module acts as caller ID, syncing up a patient’s information each time he or she calls the office. When a patient calls, a window pops up on the office computer screen that displays who is calling, when his or her next appointment is and financial information, including insurance claims and billing statements.

If a patient is not associated with a number that is calling, a screen pops up that enables users to quickly search for the patient once the phone is answered. The Smart Call Module saves its users time by providing the information needed and eliminates multi-step searches.

Now available for use on an Apple iPad as well as tablet PCs, the Point-of-Care Module offers a degree of mobility that a tablet can provide a practice, enabling practitioners to have access to a patient’s treatment history, images and X-rays, without pulling a single chart.

The ability to use the Point-of-Care Module chairside allows users to easily post treatment information, view and discuss X-rays with patients, and generate correspondence to referring doctors—all without having to pull a chart. By showing a patient his or her X-ray on a tablet, practitioners are able to clearly explain treatment needs and options. This communication experience will help increase case acceptance.

“During the summer time, orthodontic practices typically experience an influx of new patients and an increase in the acceptance of treatment plans,” said Patrik Eriksson, CEO, PracticeWorks. "With this in mind, PracticeWorks developed the Smart Call Module and expanded its product offering to Apple iPad users in order to help our customers use their time more efficiently during peak times and all year long."

To view a demonstration of the Smart Call Module or the Point-of-Care Module, visit PracticeWorks Booths 1627 and 1727 from April 30 to May 4, 2010, at AAO’s annual session.

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