Orthodontist presents benefits of technology

Nov. 20, 2006
Dr. Michael Mayhew details increased accuracy, reduced treatment time, and improved patient care achieved with OrthoCAD iQ.

CARLSTADT, New Jersey--Cadent, Ltd., provider of the OrthoCAD suite of 3-D digital solutions for orthodontics, has announced that Dr. Michael Mayhew recently presented the benefits of OrthoCAD iQ at the combined 2006 Annual Meeting for the Northeastern Society of Orthodontists and Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists.

Dr. Mayhew, a long-time user of the OrthoCAD iQ process, discussed the evolution of bracket placement and shared with attendees how OrthoCAD iQ technology improves patient care and decreases treatment time by providing more accurate bracket placement.

"With OrthoCAD iQ, the benefits of placing brackets in the optimal location became immediately clear," said Dr. Mayhew of Boone, North Carolina, who integrated Cadent's Orthodontic services into his dental practice three years ago. "I'm able to treat my patients more efficiently by reducing the need to reposition brackets during treatment and minimize the adjustments that typically need to be made toward the end of treatment. When integrated completely into an orthodontic practice, OrthoCAD systems have a positive impact on scheduling, workflow, and patient satisfaction."

Cadent's Orthodontic services, marketed under the brand name OrthoCAD, provide 3-D digital models for orthodontic treatment planning and the correct placement of appliances. The OrthoCAD study model software allows the orthodontist to make accurate measurements for a treatment plan while at the same time eliminating plaster model storage and retrieval issues.

OrthoCAD's iQ service allows practitioners to go beyond the study models to simulate treatment strategies and select and execute the most appropriate treatment plan that includes more precise positioning of orthodontic brackets. OrthoCAD services reduce the treatment time and number of patient visits by more than 30 percent, benefiting patients and orthodontists alike.

"Given that Dr. Mayhew was among the first in the country to add the OrthoCAD iQ system into his practice, his personal experience with the technology is extremely valuable to his peers," said Eldad Taub, president and general manager of Cadent's OrthoCAD suite of products. "We are encouraged to see Dr. Mayhew's positive outcomes with the OrthoCAD system communicated to this important group of orthodontists."

The combined NESO and MASO meeting drew almost 900 attendees including 500 leading orthodontists from throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states to share and discuss orthodontic procedure technology and trends that will help to improve orthodontic practice workflow.