World-famous cheerleaders sport new-generation orthodontic braces

Sept. 5, 2006
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders select iBraces as one of its official sponsors.

DALLAS--Lingualcare Inc., maker of iBraces, has been selected as an official sponsor of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

iBraces are a new generation of orthodontic braces for teens and adults,

"iBraces are the only invisible, 100-percent custom braces available on the market today and are perfect for creating the world-famous smiles of America's Sweethearts," said DCC Director Kelli Finglass.

"My own experience with iBraces, resulted in developing a partnership with this innovative organization and adding them to our exclusive list of sponsors. I was able to achieve the perfect smile I wanted with very little interference to my busy schedule and hectic lifestyle. The technology is simply amazing!"

The 2006-07 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad was selected while film crews and cameras from CMT documented the entire process for an 8 week television special that will air this fall.

As one of the cheerleader's newest sponsors, Lingualcare may appear in a "make-over" episode enhancing one of the veteran cheerleader's smiles. "It is a blessing that I will be able to improve my smile and confidently perform with my new braces at all the Cowboys games," said Nicole Hamilton, a second-year veteran.

The squad testimonials can be viewed at

"Lingualcare is proud to be associated with the world renowned Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. A captivating smile makes a lasting impression both on and off the field of Texas Stadium" said Lea Nesbit, Lingualcare CEO. "We are pleased to be able to help the DCC squad achieve their beautiful smiles without impacting their lifestyles."

Established in 1972 to add glamour, excitement and entertainment value to the NFL game day experience, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders quickly became an American icon, and are recognized around the world as an elite performance group. They perform annually at Cowboys games in Texas Stadium, travel to exotic tropical locations to photograph the DCC swimsuit calendar, and regularly appear on national television shows, commercials, magazine covers, and Hollywood films.

The DCC show group has proudly entertained U.S. military personnel around the world since 1979 making more international tours with the USO than any other entertainment group in the world.

Lingualcare was founded in 2002 with the singular goal of advancing orthodontic treatment by developing products that are patient-friendly and offer real value to orthodontic specialists. Lingualcare's patented iBraces™ are invisible, intelligent, individualized braces made using advanced laboratory procedures and proprietary technology.

iBraces are 100% customized for each patient and placed on the back of the teeth so they are "invisible" from the outside. The customization ensures optimal patient comfort and treatment efficiency.

iBraces have each patient's unique prescription built into the braces to deliver individualized clinical results. Headquartered in Dallas, Lingualcare serves orthodontic specialists and their clients throughout North and South America.