Alginate replacement impression material introduced

Sept. 18, 2007
Dimensional stability simplifies the procedure versus traditional alginate impressions.

EATONTOWN, New Jersey--Zhermack Inc., a leading producer of impression materials for dental clinicians and high-tech solutions for dental laboratories, has announced the introduction of the new alginate alternative, Freealgin, alginate replacement impression material.

Freealgin is a highly dimensionally stable material that allows for no time limitations for pouring, multi-casting capabilities, safe disinfection and high tear resistance.

Freealgin is ideal for preliminary, orthodontic, removable prosthesis, antagonists and temporary impressions. Freealgin can be used as a matrix in conjunction with Zhermack's Acrytemp Automix Bisacrylic Temporary Material in a simple procedure for creating provisional restorations.

Freealgin is easy to use and delivered in either the Zhermack Maxi (380ml) packaging for any auto mixing machine or in 50ml cartridges for use in universal dispenser guns.

This means no dosing of material, cleaning spatulas or mixing bowls resulting in time saved. Freealgin provides dental professionals with the security that the impression will not distort over time, tear upon removal from the mouth and can be safely disinfected.

Patients comfort is established due to the tropical fruit flavor and fast set time. Freealgin is thixotropic and has a constant consistency making loading and placing the impression tray hassle free. Its final set color allows for easy reading of the margins.

"Materials such as Freealgin alginate replacement help make the dental office more productive through saved time versus the procedures required for other materials. New materials such as this can provide measurable time savings and provide peace of mind in regards to material stability and disinfection," said Todd Lester, sales and marketing director, Zhermack, Incorporated.

Freealgin is available through authorized dental distributors in the United States and Canada.

For more information about Zhermack and its products, call (877) 819-6206 or visit Zhermack.