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Oral pathology reference: Cases 7–10

June 12, 2024
These four cases represent pathology you may encounter in your practice—from a lesion suspicious for lip cancer to irregular eruption patterns for second molars. Use these clinical presentations and diagnoses as a reference tool.
Vicki Cheeseman, Associate Editor

Clinicians of any specialty may identify oral pathology during clinical exams, so keeping your detection skills sharp is essential. One way to improve your clinical knowledge is to learn from cases your colleagues have seen. Use these clinical presentations and diagnoses from DentistryIQ readers to help determine treatment in your future cases. This can be an excellent reference for your practice.

Patient: 13-year-old female

  • Large, raised lesion (1.5 cm) on the right dorsal and lateral aspects of the tongue, extending to the underside
  • Lesion normal in color and slightly firmer than the surrounding area
  • Not tender to palpation and no inflammation
  • Tenderness upon mastication due to size of lesion

The 8-year lesion

Patient: 67-year-old male

  • Chief complaint: “scab on my lower lip for about eight weeks”
  • Patient says lesion bleeds occasionally when eating, but reports little pain in the area
  • Round lip lesion (1.6 cm in diameter) with an encrusted center that is firm and asymptomatic to palpation
  • No cervical lymphadenopathy detected

A lesion suspicious for lip cancer

Patient: 62-year-old male

  • Chief complaint: severe burning feeling on tongue and insides of cheeks, accompanied by “white patches all over”
  • Patient has recent dry mouth, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure
  • White leukoplakic patches on right and left lateral borders of the tongue and on the buccal mucosa throughout
  • A swipe with gauze removes the lesions

Severe burning and white patches

Patients: 11-year-old male and 14-year-old male

  • Atypical eruption patterns, primarily for the second molars in the 14-year-old
  • Large radiopacities around the second molars on the right side in both patients
  • No pain upon palpation

Molars with irregular eruption patterns

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