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Sept. 1, 2006

Sonicare Elite® e9000 - the best is now even better

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Introducing the new Sonicare Elite e9000 series with the Custom Care System, designed to meet your patients’ unique brushing needs. The Elite e9000 series uses Sonicare’s patented technology to create dynamic fluid cleaning action and includes two brush head sizes - Standard (for a complete cleaning) and Compact (for improved performance in hard-to-reach areas). The new Elite also is equipped with two cleaning modes - Max (for a thorough, everyday cleaning) and Gentle (for sensitive areas of the mouth).

For more information, call (800) 676-SONIC (7664) or contact your local Philips Sonicare sales representative.

Big things come in small packages!

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Biotène introduces its all-new Biotène and Oral Balance premium patient pak for proven dry mouth relief and treatment. Each premium patient pak includes sample sizes of an assortment of Biotène Dry Mouth products including Biotène 100 percent alcohol- and sugar-free mouthwash, Biotène Toothpaste, Oral Balance Long-Lasting Mouth Moisturizing Gel and Liquid and an informative patient brochure. All of these products are enclosed in a compact and stylish zip-around travel bag for easy carrying. With more than 20 years of proven results, give your patients the most recommended treatment for dry mouth. Call (800) 922-5856 for your free premium patient pak samples, or visit


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Johnson & Johnson Oral Health Products launches REACH CLEANPASTE floss, the first and only dental floss infused with the revolutionary CLEANPASTE formula to provide a superior, whole-mouth clean feeling. Two out of five tooth surfaces are missed when using an ordinary toothbrush. REACH CLEANPASTE floss effectively cleans and freshens these neglected areas. The product glides easily, is shred resistant, and leaves no messy toothpaste residue.

REACH CLEANPASTE floss is available at leading dental distributors in regular and tight-teeth varieties. For more details, visit

New clear mint neutral fluoride gel for adult home care

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Medicom® announces the launch of its new Denti-Pro Gel 1.1% Neutral Sodium Fluoride Gel in refreshing mint flavor. The 1.1% NSF gel provides a safe and effective method of applying fluoride at home for patients with esthetic restorations. The clear gel is compatible with all cosmetic and porcelain restorations, and will not interfere with cosmetic tooth bleaching. Denti-Pro Gel 1.1% NSF leaves teeth feeling smooth and refreshed. It is intended for use on root caries, orthodontics, recurrent decay, crown and bridge, other types of restorative materials, and patients with reduced salivary flow. It is the comfortable option for even the most sensitive patients.

Take advantage of Medicom’s special offer - buy 10, get two free! To order, call your dental dealer. For product information, call (800) 361-2862 or visit

Two-tip, nonfreezing, gearless, ultra-smooth prophy angle

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Ho Dental introduces the first gearless, two-tip, 100-degree prophy angle. The new Total Access prophy angle allows you to remove stains from even the most difficult-to-reach areas such as gingival or veneer margins, proximal areas, implants, and around orthodontic brackets. The cup can be easily pulled off with the thumb and index finger to reveal the pointed tip beneath. Your patients will enjoy the enhanced clean, and you will enjoy competitive pricing on the Total Access.

For more information, call Ho Dental Company at (866) 430-3718 or e-mail [email protected].

New QuickPik™ personal oral irrigator

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Oral Breeze, LLC announces the new QuickPik personal oral irrigator. Attaching to standard bathroom faucets, QuickPik prevents and treats gum disease by power-washing teeth and gums as part of daily dental hygiene. It delivers a concentrated stream of water to clean below the gum line. Using its heavy-duty quick-connect system, QuickPik temporarily attaches to standard sink faucets. The user controls water pressure and temperature with the tap. QuickPik comes with a durable chrome-plated brass connector that won’t rust, long-life water delivery tubing, and convenient color-coded pik attachments (water concentrator tips). There are no moving parts or messy tanks. QuickPik is supported by a 30-day, money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

For more information, call (800) 524-6548 or visit

Sani-Hands® for Kids

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To promote the importance of hand hygiene and in an effort to reduce absenteeism, PDI® introduces Sani-Hands for Kids Antimicrobial Alcohol Gel Hand Wipes. Available for use in schools, day cares, camps, children’s hospitals, physician and dental offices, homes, cafeterias, restaurants, and recreational facilities, they help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and infection. This parent- and kid-friendly product contains emollients such as aloe, glycerin, and Vitamin E to minimize the drying effects of alcohol and moisturize the skin. The wipes are more effective than gels because of the natural friction caused by the wiping action, an important function that rub-in alcohol hand washes alone cannot achieve.

Easy and fun to use, Sani-Hands for Kids are proven to kill 99.99% of germs, and are available in 220- and 135-count canisters and individual “on-the-go” packets. For more information, visit

Nurse creates fun and educational dental activities for kids

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Funatomy, LLC introduces a new and fun way to educate children about taking good care of their teeth. Designed by a registered nurse, these teaching tools were created to help kids learn and practice good oral hygiene habits.

Teachers, hygienists, and dental teams involved in teaching kids good dental care find that these activities grab the attention of children and open up opportunities for more discussion.

For more information, call (509) 995-8845 or visit

FireFly® coloring activity book

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What kid doesn’t love puzzles, games, comics, and coloring? What parent doesn’t love an activity book that keeps kids entertained and teaches them about oral care? The new FireFly Coloring Activity Book from Dr. Fresh® aims to please both children and parents. The friendly, antennaed characters appear in a cartoon titled, “Scared of the Dentist No More,” as well as in word scrambles, connect-the-dots, puzzles, and more.

To download a free copy, visit, where you also will find discount coupons for popular Dr. Fresh products. For hard copies, call Shanna Mehta at (714) 690-1573, ext. 253.

New array of GUM® oral care products for kids

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Sunstar Butler announces a colorful new addition to its GUM line of oral care products for children, the new Crayola™ line of toothbrushes and flossers.

The GUM Crayola™ Suction Cup Toothbrush, ideal for children ages 5 to 9, is a colorful Crayola marker-shaped toothbrush. The suction cup base is attractive to children, yet serves to reduce bathroom counter clutter and keeps the brush head clean between uses. Its angled bristle design aids children in effectively cleaning between teeth and hard-to-reach posterior quadrants.

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Helping to remove more plaque than brushing alone, the unique Crayola design of new GUM Crayola Flossers makes oral care fun and easy for children learning to floss. GUM Crayola Flossers are designed with an easy-to-grip handle to help small hands effectively control the appliance. Moreover, the narrow head fits comfortably in smaller mouths. The flossing aids come in lively, colorful crayon shapes, which kids recognize and love.

Visit to sign up for the quarterly newsletter, or call (800) 528-8537 for updates and information on new and existing GUM brand products.

Vista EZ-Lock™ disposable adapter

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Vista Dental Products announces the EZ-Lock disposable adapter. The EZ-Lock air/water syringe delivers a controlled amount of regulated air or water to the site. Easy and safe to use, the EZ-Lock disposable adapter adapts to all luer-lock style needle tips. The small, 2-inch tip design will not obstruct visibility during irrigation and drying. Vista Dental Products offers adapters for A-dec, Engle-Marco, DentalEZ, and Press Ring Air/Water Syringes. It also fits all Dentsply Sani-Tip® disposable air/water syringe adapters.

For more information and samples, call Vista at (877) 418-4782.