Protective aprons introduced

Aug. 28, 2006
Patient radiography aprons feature a collar design that contours to the neck and chin with less gapping.

DENTSPLY RINN has introduced a line of patient radiography aprons.

*Unique silky-smooth material has an exquisite feel that is both relaxing and comforting
*100% protection that only genuine lead lining can provide
*Two new colors: warm, inviting buttercup yellow and coolly sophisticated navy blue
*New collar design contours to the neck and chin with less gapping
*Available in Adult and Child sizes with and without collar as well as Pano-Cape and separate Collar styles
*.3mm or .5mm lead equivalency

For more information on the new Soothe-Guard Protective Aprons, contact DENTSPLY RINN at (800) 323-0970.