Special combo pack available

April 30, 2007
For a limited time, DetecTar mini + D-Carie mini special combo pack is priced at $5,499.

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada-- Neks Technologies Inc, a company specializing in developing and manufacturing innovative dental products, has announced a special Combo Pack offer containing both the D-CarieT mini (caries detection) and the DetecTarT mini (calculus detection) devices in one convenient box.

Until July 31, dentists who order the D-Carie mini together with the DetecTar mini will receive a Combo Pack at al price of $5,499 MSRP (original price $5,899). This limited time offer also includes two extra probes, one for each device for a total a savings of up to $1,400.

The D-Carie mini--quick, easy, accurate caries detection
The D-Carie mini is a lightweight, easy-to-use, cordless device that can be used as an aid for clinicians to quickly locate and diagnose caries. The D-Carie mini uses Light Emitting Diode and fiber optic technologies and is FDA approved as a diagnostic aid for the detection of interproximal and occlusal caries. The device requires no calibration and is easy to sterilize.

The D-Carie miniT detects more than 92 percent of occlusal caries and more than 85 percent of interproximal caries. Using only X-rays and dental explorers, dentists can overlook approximately half of incipient caries. When used as a diagnostic aid in conjunction with an X-ray, the D-Carie mini allows dentists to assess a third dimension--the volume of caries--prior to opening the tooth.

The device also provides dentists with an option for examining and diagnosing children, pregnant women and patients who prefer to forgo X-rays or limit their exposure to them for health or personal reasons.

The DetecTar mini--intelligent sub-gingival calculus detection
The DetecTar mini is the first and only cordless intelligent diagnostic aid to assist clinicians in the accurate detection of sub-gingival calculus. The DetecTar mini helps dentists, hygienists and periodontists to locate and diagnose calculus quickly and accurately.

Based on state-of-the-art Light Emitting Diode and fiber optic technologies, the DetecTar mini detects up to three times more calculus (91 percent sensitivity) than traditional periodontal probes and has been shown to reduce over-detection by 64 percent.

Studies have shown that most adults over the age of 30 have calculus. According to a National Institute of Dental Research study, tartar buildup is prevalent in more than 90 percent of individuals examined where 67 percent of the participants had some sub-gingival calculus.

Calculus left untreated can further progress to gum disease and can result in tooth loss. Research has also found that a person's total health is often related to their oral health.

These studies have shown a strong link between periodontal disease and serious health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, ulcers and low pre-term birth weight. The DetecTar mini helps reduce the incidence of developing these conditions by helping clinicians to accurately locate and remove calculus early in order to prevent further progression of gum disease.

Special Combo Pack Pricing and Availability
Until July 31st, 2007, Neks Technologies is offering a special combo package price of $5499 MSRP (original price $5899) to dentists who order the Combo Pack containing both the DetecTar mini and the D-Carie mini. The Combo Pack is available through Patterson Dental at 1-800-873-7683.

Web Seminar offers online product overview
For a product overview of both the D-Carie mini and the DetecTar mini, clinicians can participate in an archived Web Seminar entitled "Introduction to the Art of Detection" by registering online at http://www.neks.ca/web_seminars_en.htm.