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[Catching the waves]

Sept. 1, 2005
Without a doubt, southern California has some of the finest surfing in our country.

Without a doubt, southern California has some of the finest surfing in our country. Growing up in the Midwest, surfing was something I only watched on television, yet always dreamed of doing. Fortunately for my children, dreams did come true this summer when they learned to ride the waves. Their willingness to try something “different than the Midwest” - catch a wave, get righted, and then balanced - was incredibly fun and exciting to watch. During the lessons, it was assuring to observe how the instructor increased their confidence in technique and wave selection. And so … off they rode, demonstrating their newfound “pumping and cutting.”

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Are you catching the waves in dentistry? Endo is not only hot right now, but getting easier to perform. Look at the tools we can use: electric handpieces, NiTi files, digital radiographs, improved anesthesia, and easier-to-use filling materials. This issue brings some great how-to’s in the world of endo: rotary procedures for GPs, adhesion techniques, profound anesthesia, and case selection. If you aren’t doing endo yet, but are intrigued by it, or perhaps need more confidence in it, seek out a course and jump in. Endo therapy can be rewarding for the patient and you personally, as well as being a practice-builder.

The recent AAWD meeting in D.C. was a great gathering of women dentists, and I am grateful to have presented there ... which brings me to the topic of connection. Are you participating in the AAWD or the First Wednesday Study Club? (If not, go to and learn how to be a part of this.) Or are you an island, floating around by yourself somewhere? There are some tremendous women out there on the horizon, ready to ride the wave with you. Just put on your wet suit, paddle out, and join them!

Woman Dentist Journal strives every month to deliver topics that are practically based, essentially focusing on you. Most importantly, our bigger picture is to surface more women dentists who “know the waves” and “ride them well.” I challenge all of you to connect more, share more, and get stoked for a great fall season!

Lori Trost, DMD

Dr. Trost is the managing editor of Woman Dentist Journal. She can be contacted by email at [email protected].