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Singing toothbrush encourages kids to brush

June 11, 2013
Fun tunes make kids want to brush for the recommended 2 minutes
While there are a multitude of products available to encourage children to brush, and brush the recommended two minutes, the Smile Bright children's sonic electric musical toothbrush may have something the others don't ... a more "grown-up" appearance.

Yes, there's something to be said for animated characters, popular singing groups, and colorful toys represented in toothbrushes and other dental products. But some youngsters may prefer to be more like Mom and Dad, and Smile Bright offers an electric toothbrush that stands on its own, in white, with a subtle pink or blue button.

What sets it apart, Mom and Dad will discover if they accidentally pick up teh Smile Bright, is the fun tunes kids get to listen to while they brush. The Smile Bright children’s sonic electric musical toothbrush plays two minutes of an upbeat, happy song, which helps brushing become fun and helps children become excited about brushing.

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Dentists recommend soft bristles for kids so young and tender gums and mouth tissue are not damaged during brushing. The bristle vibrations effectively clean teeth and keep gums healthy.

The kid-friendly power setting, which is mild, gives a gentler brushing while it removes up to 75% more plaque than a manual toothbrush, especially in the hard-to-reach places. The kid's electric toothbrush develops a positive self-image and teaches children what oral hygiene is all about. Yet the whole time the child is brushing, he or she is having fun, while feeling more "grown up" with a toothbrush that mimics Mom and Dad's.

Some other features of the Smile Bright children's sonic electric musical toothbrush include that the brush turns 6,800 rpm per minute, it requires two AA batteries, it has Dupont soft nylon bristles, and it's ergonomically designed with a larger base to make it easy for a dhild to put down without tipping over, and for an easy grip.

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