Dental Hygienists Toothfairy Campaign winners

Jan. 30, 2009
Dental hygiene donations to National Children's Oral Health Foundation were entered into a raffle for loupes.

The winners of a drawing based on dental hygiene donations to the Toothfairy Campaign were recently announced. Each winner receives a coupon good for one pair of loupes generously donated by Orascoptic to the National Children's Oral Health Foundation. The winners were selected at random from donations received between September 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008.

The winners in order of total contributions received from each district are:

• District 4: Nancy Ferguson Brown

• District 3: Deborah Frosch

• District 2: Kathy Sinatra

• District 8: Carol Hooper

• District 5: Jane E. Durocher-Jones

• District 11: Michele Banks

• District 9: Jennifer J. Campbell

• District 12: Laura Marie Baird

• District 7: Jeri Summers

• District 1: Wendy Jossick

Dental hygienists must continue to promote and support the vital children's programs funded through the Dental Hygienists' Toothfairy Campaign. The Orascoptic loupes raffle will continue. For every $25 donation received, you will get 1 entry, so $50 is two entries, $100 is four entries. Give generously!

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