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Coloring book reinforces oral health

Jan. 23, 2014
Free coloring book download from Tom's of Maine generates product donation to Oral Health America.
KENNEBUNK, Maine--With crayons and a click, Tom’s of Maine invites kids and parents to get creative for a good cause.

A new coloring book called “Brushing Fun” introduces kids to natural oral care. Each free coloring book download will donate 10 tubes of Wicked Cool! natural kids toothpaste to Oral Health America, up to 200,000 tubes. The products will accompany a $50,000 donation from Tom’s of Maine in support of OHA’s Smiles Across America program.

Just in time for National Children’s Dental Health Month, the coloring book for kids, which can be personalized with a child’s name, offers tips and facts about oral care that accompany a story about a child’s journey to a magical forest. Tom’s of Maine and OHA encourage parents to take advantage of the book’s conversation starters to discuss the importance of maintaining a natural, healthy smile.

“It’s never too early to talk with your kids about their oral health or too late to try to help shape healthy habits,” said Susan Dewhirst, goodness programs manager at Tom’s of Maine.

“We also wanted to give kids a fun way to explore ingredients from nature and the importance of taking care of the outdoors.”

Parents can show off their family’s creativity and inspire others to get involved by sharing a photo of their child’s completed page from the coloring book. A weekly drawing of all eligible entries will determine five winners to receive a Tom’s of Maine natural oral care prize pack and a $100 Utrecht Art Store gift card to foster their child’s creativity.

In addition to contributing financial support to OHA through the 2014 Dental Health for All initiative, Wicked Cool! natural kids toothpaste-- specifically formulated for tweens 8 to 12 years old--will be donated to OHA’s network of dental clinics and school-based programs around the country.

“Oral Health America is thrilled to partner with Tom’s of Maine to provide children in need with access to preventive dental care and products,” said Beth Truett, president & CEO, Oral Health America. “And with the 'Brushing Fun' coloring book, together we hope to reinforce the importance of healthy habits and healthy smiles that last a lifetime.”

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