Beyond the Basics campaign launched

Sept. 26, 2005
Oral-B recognizes National Dental Hygiene Month with educational initiative.

In recognition of October as National Dental Hygiene Month, Oral- B today unveiled its second annual public education campaign to honor the vital role that all dental professionals play in educating patients about their oral health.

The new campaign "Beyond the Basics" stresses the relationship between good oral health, and overall health and well being.

"Oral-B understands the importance of communicating good oral health habits that go beyond brushing and flossing," Tonya Ray, R.D.H. and M.A, and Director of Professional Affairs, Oral-B. "There are many important and healthy habits that patients are not aware of, and our 'Beyond the Basics'
campaign is intended to help dental professionals inform their patients about instituting good oral care habits."

There are 10 oral health tips that go beyond basic brushing and flossing that will aid patients in maintaining their oral health � and their overall health. The "Beyond the Basics" campaign will highlight the following health tips:

* Drink tap: If bottled water is your main source of drinking water, you could be missing the decay-preventive benefits of fluoride.

* Don't curb carbs: Low-carb diets can cause bad breath.

* Ace arthritis: If you have arthritis, make brushing easier by inserting the end of your toothbrush into a tennis ball.

* Give a massage: Take care of your child's oral health from birth. For starters, clean baby's gums with a washcloth.

* Put it out: Smokers can have gum disease even without any signs of bleeding.

* Choose water: Sipping soft drinks increases the rate of harmful acid attacks on tooth enamel.

* Know the effects: Certain medications can impact your oral health.

* Eat well: A dental-healthy diet can help reduce tooth decay.

* Out with the old: Replace your toothbrush after every illness to avoid bacteria and germs.

* Brushing for two? Good oral health habits not only help prevent oral problems during pregnancy, they also help the oral health of your baby.

Throughout the month of October, Oral-B will highlight the hygienist's integral role in the oral health arena, while honoring the dental profession as a whole.To announce the program, Oral-B will conduct a direct mail and radio campaign.

Additional information about the campaign will be available online at both and