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July 9, 2010
Nuline Pharmaceuticals introduces REME•SENSE (dipotassium oxalate 3%) Tooth Desensitizer.
PARSIPPANY, New Jersey—Nuline Pharmaceuticals has announced the introduction of REME•SENSE (dipotassium oxalate 3%) Tooth Desensitizer. An Rx Class II medical device now available in the U.S., REME•SENSE was introduced globally in 2008. It is presently sold in 16 countries, ranging from England and the European Union to Asia and Africa. Nuline expects to launch REME•SENSE in Canada and other countries in late 2010 or by early 2011.Tooth hypersensitivity is an exaggerated response to sensory stimuli that usually cause no response in a normal healthy tooth. Except for sensitivity associated with tooth bleaching or other tooth pathology, the primary underlying clinical cause of tooth hypersensitivity is dentin tubules exposed to the oral environment.It is estimated that dentinal hypersensitivity affects 57% of the world’s population. The prevalence of dentinal hypersensitivity has been reported to occur in more than 40 million people in the U.S., encompassing more than 14% of dental patients or as many as 30% of adults at some point during their lifetime.Women may be affected more often than men. As many as 75% of patients who have had their teeth professionally whitened have dentinal hypersensitivity. Length of exposure, concentration, and pH of the bleaching agent will factor into the degree of hypersensitivity.REME•SENSE presents the dental profession with a system to treat tooth hypersensitivity. Treatment can be initiated in the dental office, a prescription given to the patient, and treatment then can be continued at home.REME•SENSE provides a tray and impregnated foam strips that offer:• A pressure gradient that is higher compared to a conventional solution or gel application• An active ingredient proven to reduce hypersensitivity that is embedded in a foam matrix and is released in a sustained and controlled mannerREME•SENSE (dipotassium oxalate 3%) offers a patient the following features and benefits:• Relief following a 10-minute application• Easy-to-use tray and impregnated foam strips• Affords up to a month’s protection• Nonabrasive application• Available for in-office and at-home (Rx) useREME•SENSE contains dipotassium oxalate, which reacts with calcium ions in the mouth to form calcium oxalate crystals. These crystals occlude exposed dentin tubules to alleviate hypersensitivity. Potassium ions have also been shown to modify nerve excitability, thus reducing the pain response.Competing products already in the marketplace include OTC desensitizing toothpastes that take three to four weeks of use before offering varied results and require continual daily use. Products used in the dental office include burnishing pastes and products tha require air drying, problems for the patient whose teeth are already sensitive.REME•SENSE is available in a professional size for distribution to the dental office and an Rx three-month supply for distribution through pharmacies.For more information, go to WWW.NULINEPHARMA.COM.To read more about tooth desensitizers, go to tooth desensitizers.To comment on this product, go to