Another new, old airborne illness? Measles is back!

April 16, 2024
Measles has recently reappeared, largely due to people deciding not to get the MMR vaccine. In Medical History Mysteries, we’ll talk about how to protect your dental office from becoming a source of inoculation.

You’d think we’ve been through enough with COVID, RSV, and other respiratory illnesses, but an old disease is back. There’s been a recent resurgence of measles. Whether by personal choice or due to immunocompromised issues, some people have chosen not to get the MMR vaccine.

Dental offices can become a source of inoculation because measles is highly contagious and spread through saliva. If any of your patients or team members have not been vaccinated against measles, it could present problems.

As travel becomes more common over the next few months, the risk of contracting measles will increase. In this episode of Medical History Mysteries, we’ll discuss how to talk to your patients and team members about measles as well as precautions you can take to reduce the spread of illness in your practice.

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