Marijuana: A new risk factor for heart disease

April 25, 2024
In a recent study, the risk of stroke rose 42% and the risk of heart attack rose 25% with the daily use of cannabis. In Medical History Mysteries, we unpack what this means for your patients and practice.

When we think of the risk factors for heart disease, we think of obesity, poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, periodontal disease … but now there’s a new risk: marijuana. More and more evidence points to heart disease and other chronic conditions being associated with the use of cannabis.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association links smoking, vaping, and marijuana consumption to a significantly higher risk of heart attack and stroke—even if the user had no existing heart conditions or did not previously smoke or vape tobacco. While both daily and nondaily use of cannabis was associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, the risk of stroke rose 42% and the risk of heart attack rose 25% with daily use of cannabis.

Join us in this episode of Medical History Mysteries as we take a behind-the-scenes look at cannabis and its effects, and why they matter to the dental professional.

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