Can multivitamins slow memory loss?

May 21, 2024
Results of the COSMOS clinical trial indicated that multivitamins could slow memory loss and cognitive decline versus a placebo. Is this clinically significant? Join us in Medical History Mysteries as we probe further into this topic.

Is there any true benefit to taking multivitamins?

The COSMOS clinical trial evaluated individuals aged 60 and older who took a multivitamin for two to three years. Results indicated that multivitamins could slow memory loss and cognitive decline versus a placebo.

Is this clinically significant? Improvement in cognition for study participants was small, so multivitamins may not be a slam dunk. Formulations in multivitamins vary and dietary supplements in general aren’t regulated by the FDA, so we must be aware of all medications—prescription and over-the-counter—that our patients are taking.

Join us in this episode of Medical History Mysteries as we talk more about this study, look at how multivitamins can interact with other medications, and discuss ways to answer patients’ questions about supplements.

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