Epinephrine in dentistry: Pros and cons

Nov. 2, 2023
Why is epinephrine even in local anesthesia when it can potentially cause tachycardia? Learn why this drug is so essential to anesthesia in dentistry, how it works, and what your options are when you really can't use it in a procedure.

Why do we use epinephrine in dentistry? Turns out it's an essential ingredient in one of our most important "cocktails" that keep patients comfortable and relaxed, and make dental procedures easier to perform.

Medical doctors will sometimes criticize our use of epi in dentistry, but they overlook some important details about how we use it, and how a little epinephrine in an injection means a patient has a lot less stressful of an experience!

In this edition of Medical History Mysteries, you'll learn:

  • Why epinephrine makes local anesthesia work so well
  • The downsides of epinephrine
  • Dilutions of epinephrine in dentistry vs. medicine
  • Why your patient makes their own epi—and how to keep that to a minimum
  • Times when you really CAN'T use epinephrine

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