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The Zest Anchors Chairside Product portfolio grows larger

March 6, 2015
Zest Anchors releases the Chairside Denture Prep and Polish Kit.

Chairside Products encompass a series of dental tools and materials that provide an end-to-end solution for implant-retained overdenture modification and processing. Zest has introduced the latest in the Chairside Portfolio, the Chairside Denture Prep and Polish Kit.* Consisting of all of the instruments dental professionals need for the efficient and accurate pick-up of denture caps. This kit includes a customized Chairside Recess Bur, specifically designed by Zest Anchors to quickly and easily prepare the exact-sized recess for the Locator and Saturno Denture Caps.

For more information about the Chairside Dental Prep and Polish Kit, please visit or call Zest Anchors Customer Service at 800-262-2310.

*Commercially available winter 2015.